5 Awesome Strategy Games for an Android Phone

Kids, within this century, can enjoy games even without the presence of mortal playmates. They would have to grab their gadgets, plus they are looking for a virtual game causing them to be sit in the couch for a long time and hours. One in the gadgets that is a possible connect to strategy games may be the Android phone. Five of the finest strategy games for sale in Android phones are organized below:

1. Battle for Mars
Battle for Mars is nearly the complete replica from the famous Advance Wars game. This is a turn-based strategy game with excellent graphics and animations, in conjunction with fine written storylines. It puts three races at war with each other so you, because player, can choose which race to regulate. You can enjoy this by capturing the structure to form units on and on afterward for interplanetary wars. The maps on this game are in fact big for the standard mobile game-enough to equal those present in older PC games. Much better news just for this Android game is the fact that its most updated version provides multiplayer support, which makes it tougher to experience.
2. Military Madness
If Battle for Mars is produced by Advance Wars, then Military Madness comes from TurboGrafx-16. This Android game is actually an latest version of the mentioned console game which was released number of years back. The game's main principle is very just like that in the Turbo's-that is, you need to engage your enemies in the grid-based warfare by utilizing each turn to advance your futuristic forces. The magnificent difference, however, is the fact that Military Madness has advanced warfare tactics. You have the option here to raise your attack power by positioning your unit allies alongside one another.
3. Guns 'n' Glory
If you might be a DotA fan, then you will similar to this new game. Guns 'n' Glory actually carries the same basic principles while using DotA, making use from the never-ending defense tactics. As a player, you should stop a variety of trespassers from entering your territory through the use of a gang of bandits and defensive here towers. This Android game comes with a customized touch-and-drag control system and lovely crisp graphics-all enough to keep you addicted.

4. Robo Defense
Robo Defense is now typically the most popular tower defense game for the Android OS. It has nearly every feature it is possible to obtain in a game-from excellent graphics to spread out maps to plenty of upgrades and achievements. Like the other famous games, Robo Defense get more info can also be based on a previously released game. This time, it's Fieldrunners but unlike the latter, this new game already added few good features. Robo Defense requires one to offered a defense against swarms of opposing units using defensive read more gun turrets. The practical side on this game is it carries a free version accessible in case you first of all consider it before going ahead and buying. If you buy, however, you only have to pay $3. This is definitely pretty good, considering what you can get through the game.

5. Everlands
This Android strategy game is very different from your rest with the games. Everlands allows you to manipulate animals rather than people, machines, or aliens. Another distinguishing feature of this game is its format. It sits halfway from your turn-based strategy game as well as a board game, having its battlefield taking the model of a hexagon-based game board where you are allowed to manipulate numerous animal cards. Each animal card comes having its own identifiable attributes too - such as the warthog here increases in ferocity if it is provoked or perhaps the snake can sneak set for advanced strikes. Another thing is always that each battle on this game occurs in a silly fairytale set-up, with each level passing on a poetic feel, driving you to see the story's ClashRoyale end.

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